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    • testeves
    ‘Take Back’ Opioids: New Initiative in DFW

    It’s a new plan of attack in the battle against opioids. And you don’t have to go far or to any trouble to join in. That’s because it comes from…

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    If you ever want to find yourself completely overwhelmed, try doing a Google search on the topic of “Self-Care”. Everywhere you turn, there are 12, 20, 32 or even 81…

    • testeves
    Namaste (in Recovery)

    Think about your darkest day in your addiction struggle. Numb to feeling, disconnected from mind, body, relationships. Trying desperately to remain present, and yet the only thing you can feel…

    • Blog Team
    Becoming the Best YOU: The Role of Luxury in Recovery

    Picture this moment: you have just spiraled through the some of the worst months, maybe even years of your life. Your life, relationships and career have all become unmanageable. You…

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    Juvenile Drug Arrests By State

    In the United States, there are often different laws that apply to those who are under the age of 18 when it comes to crime and being arrested. Each year…

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    Fake ID Usage in the U.S.

    Fake IDs have, unfortunately, become a part of American high school and college culture. The practice has even been immortalized in many films, like Superbad. Here at Greenhouse Treatment, we…