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    • testeves
    Two Campaigns to Combat Opioids Deep in the Heart of Texas

    Local and federal authorities are stepping up. They are putting out the word about the dangers opioids pose and managing the risks. Federal Campaigns for Opioid Awareness in Texas KFDM/Fox…

    • testeves
    Regain Control with Biofeedback Therapy

    The mind is a marvelous and mysterious thing. As we learn more about how our inner-workings function, flow and connect, the roads to unlocking mental health resources lead to new…

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    You Can’t Unsee That – EMDR Therapy

    It’s often been said when seeing a scary movie or unwanted visual experience “ I can’t unsee that.” What is said as a joke is often very different in real…

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    ‘Take Back’ Opioids: New Initiative in DFW

    It’s a new plan of attack in the battle against opioids. And you don’t have to go far or to any trouble to join in. That’s because it comes from…

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    If you ever want to find yourself completely overwhelmed, try doing a Google search on the topic of “Self-Care”. Everywhere you turn, there are 12, 20, 32 or even 81…

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    Namaste (in Recovery)

    Think about your darkest day in your addiction struggle. Numb to feeling, disconnected from mind, body, relationships. Trying desperately to remain present, and yet the only thing you can feel…