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    Our rehab center in Dallas provides many levels of care, customizing your treatment along the way.

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What We Treat

By treating the whole person, our purpose and passion is to empower individuals, their families, and communities through the quiet healing and promotion of optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment Programs
90 Day Promise
If you successfully complete our 90-day program, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

* Results may vary, and terms and conditions may apply. For more information, visit us here

Proven Results

Read our patient outcomes study to learn more about treatment results.

(The 3-year study reflects patient outcomes across the American Addiction Centers network.)

  • I had an extremely comfortable stay while dealing with an extremely uncomfortable problem, my addiction. The education and care I received far exceeded my expectations. I feel prepared and ready to restart my life. Tracey, Greenhouse Alum
  • This place is amazing. From the therapists, to the food, to the classes, and all the amenities at the Greenhouse. Casey, Greenhouse Alum

At Greenhouse, you’ll receive the highest quality medical care combined with the latest in evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Greenhouse gives you a head start at recovery, while also making your time in treatment a comfortable one. Located in a former Neiman Marcus spa, Greenhouse offers a luxurious and beautiful environment with amenities that you won’t find in other inpatient treatment programs, ranging from gourmet, nutritious meals prepared by our executive chef to an indoor pool and jacuzzi.

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, therapists, social workers, and more work with you at every step to ensure your treatment is meeting your unique needs and making any adjustments necessary. We also begin helping you to create an aftercare plan from the moment you begin your treatment so that your recovery journey doesn’t end when you leave our program.

A former luxury spa retreat in Dallas, Texas, the Greenhouse provides all levels of care to adults struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Housekeeping Services

We know that engaging in addiction recovery while addressing co-occurring mental health disorders can be demanding, requiring a strong focus. To help you concentrate on treatment, we provide housekeeping of residential rooms and common areas.

Gourmet Meals

Greenhouse dining staff provides our clients with delicious, healthy meals prepared and served by friendly, talented chefs in a warm dining area environment.

Indoor Gym Facilities & Pool

Greenhouse encourages whole body wellness and physical activity for clients at all fitness levels. Our facility offers an indoor swimming pool, gym facilities, and exercise equipment that benefits the client’s cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Spa Services

Greenhouse offers the client opportunities to relax during the program stay, including spa services and other amenities. Current services include massage treatment, whirlpool, and yoga classes.
Additional services, not included in the treatment programs, are available by appointment for a fee.

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