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Aftercare & Alumni

We Make Aftercare a Priority

Greenhouse knows the value of aftercare and begins helping you to create a plan from the moment you begin your stay. We work with you to develop the skills you need to cope with triggers and cravings when you leave, helping you to identify and change the people, places, and things that are likely to threaten your sobriety. Your therapist and case manager will work with you closely to provide a recovery plan unique to you and your needs, goals, and circumstances.

We will help you plan concrete steps for where to go and actions to take as you leave the program, working with you to ensure that your steps forward are as conducive to your recovery as possible and that you aren’t returning home only to place yourself back into an environment that fostered your substance use.

Greenhouse knows the value of aftercare and begins helping you to create a plan from the moment you begin your stay.

We encourage people to continue receiving support on an outpatient basis as they transition back into their daily lives. Often, people choose to enter Greenhouse’s outpatient program. Some people will relocate to the Dallas area because of the job growth in the area and because our Resolutions sober living facility provides vocational rehabilitation, helping residents find gainful employment.

We also know just important staying connected to a network of sober individuals and strongly urge you to get involved with our alumni program and to participate in your local chapter of AA, NA or another recovery organization.

Following completion of our program, we want clients to be equipped with an arsenal of recovery skills for different recovery situations that may be encountered in their newly sober lifestyle. As a part of our program, we developed a series of aftercare recovery groups that address common topics relevant to addiction, co-occurring disorders, and life after treatment.

Aftercare Recovery Groups

These groups include therapist-led sessions in which clients may participate and discuss with their peers. Topics currently include:

  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Planning Your Own Aftercare
  • Cravings & How to Manage Urges
  • Spirituality in Recovery
  • Recovery & Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders
  • Medication Management – Staying Compliant
  • Addiction & Brain Chemistry
  • Addiction – A Progressive Disease
  • Incorporating Healthy Life Skills into Recovery
  • Recovery on the Job – Employment Concerns
  • 12-Steps & Recovery
  • Stages of Change
  • Family Intervention & Education

Alumni Program

As part of the Greenhouse alumni network, you’ll have consistent access to support in your recovery.

Alumni group

We offer weekly meetings around the Arlington, TX area. These meetings take place Monday evenings at 6 p.m. The location will change week to week, and you’ll receive a text message telling you where to meet.

We also conduct quarterly alumni events. We ask for our alumni to provide input on the types of events.

Through our alumni program, you will build a community of like-minded individuals in recovery with whom you can celebrate your milestones and also lean on in times of turmoil.

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