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About the Program

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  • The Greenhouse residential treatment facility is located in a beautiful former luxury spa in Grand Prairie Texas, near Dallas. In this peaceful atmosphere, we offer a comprehensive continuum of research-based individualized treatment for adult men and women struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Greenhouse Treatment Programs

Our Curriculum for Change

We take a comprehensive approach to help with your recovery. While attending individual, group, and family therapy sessions as part of your customized treatment, you’ll complete our exclusive co-occurring workbook curriculum Embracing Change: Recovery for Life.Among facilities offering treatment for co-occurring conditions, we strive to provide effective, high-quality care by building treatment programming around your needs using research-based therapy and therapeutic modalities.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

When you arrive at Greenhouse, you may not feel “ready” to work on your addiction. That’s okay, we can help. Our licensed therapists use Motivational Interviewing (MI)sessions to “meet you where you are” in terms of readiness to end your addiction. Our goal is to nudge any ambivalent feelings you may have about treatment towards the desire for genuine change. As a client-focused and collaborative approach, MI can help you concentrate on your personal strengths, values, issues, and goals you feel ready to tackle. We’ll help you recognize areas or behaviors in your life that aren’t working for you and identify where adjustments in different lifestyle choices can bring about positive and healthy changes.

Individualized Treatment Plans

The brain disease of addiction is unique for everyone. We recognize client differences by taking a thorough medical and psychological assessment on arrival. This allows us to design treatment plans to address your individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. By examining these factors, we look at your addiction and co-occurring disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) not only in determining what treatment and level of care you need, but in aftercare planning to benefit your long-term recovery. Throughout your treatment stay, our clinical team evaluates your progress, treatment plan effectiveness, and adjusts your level of care or therapies if needed.

12-Step Meetings

Attending 12-Step meetings can have positive benefits on recovery. Greenhouse incorporates the fellowship into our customized programming and our curriculum, Embracing Change: Recovery for Life includes a section – “What are the Twelve Steps? Steppin’ a New Life” – that gives an overview of 12-Step philosophy. Besides being a safe place to share recovery stories and develop a sober network of friends, 12-Step group attendance has been shown to increase lengths of abstinence (Journal of Substance Addiction Treatment, April 2014).

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Medical Detox

Ensuring your safety is our imperative. Upon arrival at Greenhouse, following a comprehensive medical and mental health assessment, we’ll determine if you need to go through a detox period. If you require detox, you’ll be medically monitored by our licensed team 24/7 to manage your withdrawal symptoms safely. Our skilled medical team is knowledgeable about the nuances of different drug withdrawal symptoms uses tailored detox methods and tapering protocols to safely rid the body of toxic substances. Although everyone’s progress is different, detox lasts approximately 5-7 days.

Factors influencing the withdrawal experience:

  • Substance used, amount, and frequency
  • Tolerance level for substance
  • Addiction severity, progression, and history
  • Co-occurring conditions
  • Ongoing health issues and general physical condition

Greenhouse’s designated detox rooms are in close proximity to nursing stations for round-the-clock monitoring with easy access to medical staff. Additionally, in consideration of our clients during the peak days of withdrawal, these rooms are located in a quiet, private section of the residential area.

Co-Occurring Disorders Approach

If you or your loved one are among the many people who struggle with both addiction and a co-occurring psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. Greenhouse programs provide integrated treatment that simultaneously addresses both issues. You will actively work with our clinical team trained in dual diagnosis to help your develop new behaviors and coping skills to manage not only your substance use but the symptoms of your behavioral health issues that may lead to relapse

Curriculum for Change

Embracing Change: Recovery for Life is an interactive series of exercises that focuses on the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. We developed this program using research-based practices, self-reflection, and cognitive exercises that help our clients learn to recognize and regulate their emotions in response to triggers to drink or use drugs.

We consider this curriculum to be a primary strength and differentiator for our treatment program. Our curriculum workbooks engages you or your loved one with journaling exercises, ideas for growth through self-examination, aftercare coping strategies, addiction information, and 12-step philosophies. Rather than receiving general information on recovery topics, you are invited to work through the program using the richness of their unique experiences to the recovery journey.

We encourage you to keep and review your completed curriculum workbooks for personal reflection and as part of your long-term recovery process that continues beyond treatment.

Length of Program Stay

Every client’s length of stay at Greenhouse varies depending on their clinical needs. Your program stay will be determined according to your unique set of circumstances including your progress while in treatment, ability to manage co-occurring conditions, need for support services following program completion, and insurance coverage.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) research has demonstrated that long-term recovery is related to length of treatment. In terms of continued long-term sobriety, the most effective treatment length is the 90-day program.

Greenhouse 90-day Brand Promise

If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment program, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

Up to 30 Free Days of Treatment

In the event of a relapse at any time post-treatment, American Addiction Centers, Inc., will provide qualified individuals with up to an additional 30 consecutive days of treatment at one of its facilities at no additional cost to you.

What will be different this time?

Unfortunately, some people have been to rehab programs that haven’t really met their needs. We hear you. By providing a customized treatment plan for you or your loved one, Greenhouse addresses areas of your life to help find the root of your addiction.

By working with you, your primary therapist, and family (with your con-sent), we can help identify initial goals for aftercare, obstacles to sobriety, and coping strategies to help you respond to triggers. By customizing rehabilitation, we hope is to assist you leada life of improved health, self-direction, stability, attainment of goals, and long-term recovery.

Client Responsibility

Recovery is possible when you commit wholeheartedly to the treatment process and have the willingness to change. This commitment and belief allows you to acknowledge your addiction and discard harmful behaviors that have hurt you and those you love. When you’re invested and engaged, attend classes and participate in therapy, our program can lead to a process of change resulting in wellness, fulfillment of potential, and healing.

  • Family Involvement

    Family Involvement

    With your consent, Greenhouse invites your family members, spouses, partners, and children to participate in periodic family therapy sessions. During your treatment program, these sessions can be helpful in supporting, reinforcing, and strengthening post-treatment recovery efforts.

  • Aftercare Planning

    Aftercare Planning

    To help with your transition we recom-mend involvement with the sober com-munity or joining recovery organizations. Involvement includes participation in local 12-Step meetings, getting together with fellow Greenhouse alumni, and joining recovery advocacy groups.

  • Sober Living Referrals

    If you benefit from a structured daily schedule surrounded by others also working on their recovery, our clinical staff can make a recommendation for local Sober Living options.

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