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The state of Texas boasts an enormous amount of resources for individuals who are stuck in the trenches of substance abuse and wanting to climb out. San Antonio is no stranger to drug and alcohol abuse, nor the varied issues that further complicate it, like mental illness. Much of the drug culture in the famed Riverwalk city stems from its close proximity to the Mexican border and the drug trade that infiltrates the area.

Drug trafficking is a huge part of the economic underbelly of San Antonio. While state and local officials are trying to clean up the city’s reputation for drug abuse, regular headlines tout high rates of drug abuse and distribution throughout the region. Drug seizures during 2007 in the South Texas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, including San Antonio, amounted to:

  • 9,787 kg of cocaine
  • 74 kg of heroin
  • 282,012 kg of marijuana
  • 117 kg of methamphetamine[1]

Fortunately, San Antonio is also well equipped to treat substance abuse, too.

San Antonio Substance Abuse

There are 1,436,697 people living in San Antonio.[2] Across Texas, 6.26 percent of residents report past-month illicit substance abuse, versus 8.02 percent of the entire nation.[3] The most commonly abused substance is marijuana.[4] Second in line is cocaine, with abuse rates high in Texas.[5]

Alcoholism affects around 17 million people in the United States.[6] Not everyone who drinks heavily is dependent though. In fact, one study notes that just 10.2 percent of individuals who drink excessively and 10.5 percent who binge drink fit the criteria for dependency.[7] Binge drinking rates across the nation are around 17.1 percent.[8]

In Bexar County, home of San Antonio, binge drinking was reported by 22 percent of adults in 2012.[9] Many of these individuals spend years denying they have a problem. Most surround themselves with others who drink as heavily as they do in effort to blend in. Thus, very few of their peers may ever single them out or confront them about their problem.

Rates of drug and alcohol abuse are specifically concerning among youths in the area. In 2013, more than a third of youths in the San Antonio area were current drinkers and large-8 medium-12 columns had reported drinking alcohol at some point in time.[10] San Antonio parents are concerned for the health and safety of their children, and for good reason. Around 31.4 percent of individuals whose deaths are caused by drug overdose are between the ages of 15 and 34.[11]

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Then Comes Consequence

Criminal activity is alive and well in the drug department across the southwestern region, and Texas bears the largest brunt of it. Arrests regularly splash the pages of local newspapers for the possession and trafficking of drugs.

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In June of 2015, a San Antonio man was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his participation in trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine into the state from a Mexican cartel from 2000 to 2009.[12] Even simple possession of some of these drugs can warrant lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines. In addition, offenders who drink and drive are risking a lot, too. The law doesn’t look kindly upon drunk driving in the Lone Star State. Multiple offenses can earn you a couple years in prison and as much as $10,000 in fines.[13]

Sadly, these consequences never enter the minds of many of those who end up behind bars as a result of their actions. Of course, there are people who do consider the consequences and still forge ahead. For some, it might mean wrecking their vehicle and causing the death of an innocent driver on the road. During 2013, 6,591 people were arrested in the San Antonio region for driving under the influence and 48 people lost their lives in accidents where alcohol was a contributing factor.[14]

For others, it might mean overdosing on drugs or dying from alcohol poisoning. Drug overdoses are now the number one cause of deaths stemming from injuries in the nation. Around 44,000 people die this way each year.[15]


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